Wildlife feeding is becomng more and more popular.  These animals have diffent needs than domestic animals and we carry a full line up of feeds and minerals desined to get you the most out of your wildlife feeding.  Whether you are trying to grow that trophey buck or a 10 pound catfish, we have just what you are looking for!
We Are Your Sportman's Condo Store!
The Ultimate Hunting Blind
When you are ready for the best, you are ready for the Sportsman's Condo Hunting Blind.  Solid mold construction makes the Sportsman's Condo the most weather resistant blind on the market.  With a variety of models to choose from, you will find the Sportsman's Condo that is just right for you!

Check out this video on our most popular model the SC-3
The Ridgeline is our low profile blind.  This model has plenty of room for 1 person, but with a lower height, it allows you to place your condo in more confined areas or keep a smaller profile to your game.

The SC-1 is the Original Sportsman's Condo.  Plenty of room for 1 this condo offers you everything you need.  Built in shelf and the quiet hinged windows give you the best hunting experience available.

The SC-3 is the roomiest of all the condos.  Plenty of room for 2 adults the SC-3 offers you the best of the Sportsman's Condos.  Its curved design assures you of easy movement even with all your gear.

Antler Max
The Gold Standard of Deer Feeds
It All Starts with Nutrition
Deer are no different than any other animal.  Better nutrition makes a better animal.  Only one company has a stated of goal of providing every animal species the best nutrion available, and that company is Purina Mills.  More research, more testing, more actual field studies make Purina products Number 1 in animal nutrition.  No company has researched deer nutrition than Purina so when your serious about starting a deer feeding program, come see us at Richards Brothers and we will show you what Purina has to offer!

Feed Greatness-Feed Purina
Purina Antler Max Deer Mineral
Keep your deer in shape by providing mineral all year long!  Purina Antler Max Minerals provide complete nutrition for your deer.  Antler Max is the most trusted name in deer nutrtion.  Come in and check out Antler Max mineral and all of the other Purina Deer Products!
Tips for Game Cams
Make your Pictures Even Better with these Tips!
Here is a great video on how to get better pictures from your Game Cam.  Sure we all want to see what's out there, but at the same time we can get better pictures while we do it.  Watch this video and see your wildlife pictures improve!