Wildlife feeding is becomng more and more popular.  These animals have diffent needs than domestic animals and we carry a full line up of feeds and minerals desined to get you the most out of your wildlife feeding.  Whether you are trying to grow that trophey buck or a 10 pound catfish, we have just what you are looking for!
Richards Brothers is your Food Plot Headquarters!
Watch this video for making your food plot its best!
Food plots are the easiest and best way to attract and hold deer on your property.  Deer plots also provide healthy nutrition deer need to survice the fall and winter.   Feeding deer is only tempory, while food plots continue to produce forage and food for your deer.  You'll also find that a good food plot attracts other wildlife, meaning your helping other animals too!  We carry a wide variety of seeds to help you design the food plot that works best for your land and your budget.  Stop in and see us today!
The Best Plots Starts with the Right Seed
We carry a wide varieity of seeds and seed mixes to make sure you get the food plot that's right for you.  If its 1/4 acre or 20 acres we can supply what you need!
It's not enough to have your ground prepared and ready.  If you don't use high quality seeds and the right seeds, your food plot may not live up to its potential.  We have seeds for nutrition, attraction and harvesting.  Let us help you design the type of plot that works best for your hunting!
We have the Seeds!

We carry a wide variety of seeds so you can make the food plot you want!
*Turnips                 *Wheat          *Oats        *Clovers           *Chicory
*Rape                      *Radishes     *Buckwheat          *Sugar Beets
*Rye Grass

We also carry Pre-Mixed Plot Mixes from
*Whitetail Institute               *Imperial Whitetail
*Tecamote                                 *Bio Logic

To Maxamize your plots, feed them and clean them!

Give your food plots the best chance they can have by making sure you lime, fertilize and control the weeds!  We have the right fertilizers and the right sprays to make sure your plot grows, stays healthy and maximizes its impact on your deer.
Check out these Food Plot Tip Videos!
AntlerMax Deer 20
Start Growing Deer with the Proven fromual that works!
Purina AntlerMax Deer 20 is desinged to be fed to deer in open spaces.  Give the deer on your property the advantage of AntlerMax and you'll see results this fall!
Tips for Game Cams
Make your Pictures Even Better with these Tips!
Here is a great video on how to get better pictures from your Game Cam.  Sure we all want to see what's out there, but at the same time we can get better pictures while we do it.  Watch this video and see your wildlife pictures improve!