Raising your own flock of chickens is very rewarding.  Whether for meat or eggs, chickens are a great animal to have around the farm, or even in town!  We have the feed that will give your chickens the right nutrtion to perfom their best!
Flock-tober is Here!
It's Flock-tober!  And we are celebrating everything to do with your backyard/family flock!  We love your chickens just as much as you do and we want celebrate how much your flock means to you!  In store specials, giveaways and more will all be happing during Richards Brothes 2018 Flock-tober Days!
Save With These Flock-tober Specials!
  1. Purina
    $2 Off
  2. Purina
    Flock Raiser
    $2 Off
  3. Purina
    Flock Block
    $1 Off