Lawn & Garden
Time to Winterize!
Winterize your lawn now for a healthy start in the spring!
The fall weather signals your lawn to start storing nutrients for the upcoming winter.  You may not see it, but your lawn is working hard pulling nturients out of the soil and store them.  Help you lawn out by giving in a "winterizing" application of ferilizer.  Your lawn will store up  the nutrients it needs and you'll see it come out faster, stronger and healthier when the spring growing season arrives!
  1.    ferti-lome Weed Out
    ferti-lome Weed Out
    Fall is a great time for weed control. Eliminate your winter weeds while your feed your lawn and you'll see less weeds in the spring! 10,000 sqr ft $31.00
  2.    ferti-lome Winterizer
    ferti-lome Winterizer
    ferti-lome Winterizer is the gold standard of lawn winterizing fertilizers. The same high quality you get from Scott's you get for less with ferti-lome 10,000 sq ft $25.95
  3.     13-13-13 or 19-19-19
    13-13-13 or 19-19-19
    The workhorse of fertilizers! You get a balanced blend of nutrients to keep your yard in great shape without paying too much! 50 lb. 13-13-13 $12.45 50 lb. 19-19-19 $14.85
  4.    24-6-12 slow release
    24-6-12 slow release
    This slow release formula also contains 2% iron to help give your yard that dark green hue. Perfect for winterizing! 50 lb. $23.90

We have everything you need for a great lawn and garden!

  1. Garden Seeds
    Garden Seeds
    We have one of the largest selections of garden seeds in the area! Our bulk garden seed bins have grown generations of Ozarks gardens!
  2. Lawn Seeds
    Lawn Seeds
    We carry high quality lawn seeds suited for our area of the country to help you grow the best lawn ever
  3. Fertilizers
    Keep your yard growing and healthy with high quality fertilizers. We carry a wide variety to meet any needs even organic!
  4. Bedding Plants
    Bedding Plants
    We have a large selection of bedding plants available during the growing season. All of our bedding plants are locally grown!
  1. Landscaping
    You've worked hard at making your lawn and garden beautiful. Now add the finishing touches with some landscaping. We carry mulches, liners and other products to give your place that special look
  2. Insects & Disease
    Insects & Disease
    Insects and disease can ruin your yard or garden. Keep them under control with sprays and dusts. We have a wide variety avaialable including natural and organic products.
  3. Tools & Equipment
    Tools & Equipment
    To take care of your lawn and garden you need the right tools. We carry a nice supply of tools and equipment including sprayers, spreaders, rakes, shovels, hoes and more!
  4. Weed Control
    Weed Control
    Don't let weeds ruin your yard or garden! We have a wide variety of weed control products available to keep the weeds away!