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2020 Garden Seeds Are Here!
Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets have arrived!
Come in now for all your seed needs!

Early Spring
1.  Check for signs of Growth.
      Look for early signs of plants budding out and protect them if necessary.
2.  Prep the beds
     Now is the time to clean up your garden beds.  Clear the dead leaves and vegetation and any other derbis that accumulated over the winter.
3.  Prune
     Trim fruit trees before the buds break.  It's also the ideal time to prune flower trees and shrubs.
4.  Perform the Basics
     Check your stonework for damages.  Access the condition of your deck or patio and make repairs.  Clean off outdoor furniture and make sure they are in good repair.
5.  Divide Perennials
     This is a good time to divide your perennials before the spring growth.
6.  Plant Veggies!
     Now is the time to plant your cool season crops; potatoes, lettuce, onions, peas and other greens.
It's time to get your yard and Garden Ready!
The calendar says Spring and now is the time to get your landscaping and garden ready for 2020!  Here are a few helpful tips!
When should i plant?  How many seeds do I need?  How far apart should I plant. Check out this guide from the University of Missouri to answer those and more quesitons on planting vegetables

When Should I Plant?
Vegetable Planting Guide
This year's crabgrass comes from the seeds left by last year's crop.  The easiest way to stop crabgrass is to stop the seeds from germinating.  That's where Hi-Yied Crabgrass preventor comes in.  Apply this to your yard In ealy to late March and again 6 weeks later and you will prevent the majority of the crabgrass from sprouting in your yard.  This year keep the crabgrass away with Hi Yield!

Note:  If you are planning on re-seeding or over-seeding your yard, don't use a pre-emergent.  It will stop the germination of your lawn seed just as it does your crabgrass.
It's Time to Start
Crabgrass Control
Don't let crabgrass get started.  Now is the time to apply your crabgrass prevention.
Seeding a New Lawn?
Starting a new lawn isn't difficult!  Check out this video for how to seed a new lawn!

Whether you are building a new house, or just want to start all over, seeding a new lawn is simple.  However you want to follow a few basic principles to make sure your seeding comes out great!  Watch this short video and if you have any questions, come on in to Richards Brothers and we can help you with your new lawn!  We have everything you need to get the job done right the first time!
Do you want to strenthen your existing lawn?
Overseeding your lawn is a great way to recover it without having to completley re-seed.  Check out this great video!
When you don't need to start all over, but you lawn just doesn't look as good as you want it, then it's time to over-seed!  We have everything you need to get a great overseeding of your yard and making it the best in the neighborhood!
Yes!  You can grow grass in the shade!
The most asked questions we get about lawns is growing grass in the shade.  While this is a challenge, it can be done!  Five Star Extreme Shade Mix is a special blend of fescues that are very shade tolerant and can finally give you grass in those shady areas.  Follow the tips on the video and use Five Star Extreme Shade Mix and see the results for yourself!

We have everything you need for a great lawn and garden!

  1. Garden Seeds
    Garden Seeds
    We have one of the largest selections of garden seeds in the area! Our bulk garden seed bins have grown generations of Ozarks gardens!
  2. Lawn Seeds
    Lawn Seeds
    We carry high quality lawn seeds suited for our area of the country to help you grow the best lawn ever
  3. Fertilizers
    Keep your yard growing and healthy with high quality fertilizers. We carry a wide variety to meet any needs even organic!
  4. Bedding Plants
    Bedding Plants
    We have a large selection of bedding plants available during the growing season. All of our bedding plants are locally grown!
  1. Landscaping
    You've worked hard at making your lawn and garden beautiful. Now add the finishing touches with some landscaping. We carry mulches, liners and other products to give your place that special look
  2. Insects & Disease
    Insects & Disease
    Insects and disease can ruin your yard or garden. Keep them under control with sprays and dusts. We have a wide variety avaialable including natural and organic products.
  3. Tools & Equipment
    Tools & Equipment
    To take care of your lawn and garden you need the right tools. We carry a nice supply of tools and equipment including sprayers, spreaders, rakes, shovels, hoes and more!
  4. Weed Control
    Weed Control
    Don't let weeds ruin your yard or garden! We have a wide variety of weed control products available to keep the weeds away!