1. Horse
    Purina Mills is the leader in horse nutrition and we are proud to be a dealer. We carry the full line of Purina Horse feeds to meet any requirement you have
  2. Cattle
    We carry the full line of Purina Cattle products; feeds, minerals and tubs. We also make our own cattle feeds to meet your needs.
  3. Dairy
    Dairy production is still important in our area. We carry quality Purina Mills dairy feeds to help you maximize your milking operation.
  4. Pet
    We carry a wide variety of pet foods to meet every pet owner's needs. From economy brands to super premium, we have the pet foods you are looking for.
  1. Wildlife
    Wildlife feeding is getting more and more popular and we carry a variety of feeds, mineral s and attractants to let you get the most enjoyment from your wildlife feeding
  2. Swine
    ThFrom piglet to full grown, we have the feeds to raise your swine quicly .
  3. Goat & Sheep
    Goats and sheep have special needs and we carry a full line of goat and sheep feeds to meet those needs.
  4. Poultry
    Chickens are always popular on the farm and we have the feeds to keep them healthy and strong. Whether it's meat chickens or layers we have you covered

Fish, Birds, Exotics and Other Animals?  We feed them too!

We have the feeds for any animal you have!

We just don't feed traditional livestock at Richards Brothers!  We have a feed for almost any animal you own or want to feed.  Purina Mills makes a wide variety of feeds for birds, fish, llama, game birds, guiena pigs, mini pigs, and more!  If you have special animals we can get you the feed you need!